Seven tips to get the most out of your Electric Car

7 tips to get the most out of your EV

Seven tips to get the most out of your Electric Car

Year-on-year electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to rise globally – as of August, the numbers of EVs registered in Ireland in 2023 is 65% higher than the same period last year. With the ongoing increasing popularity, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your EV in terms of longevity, efficiency, value for money and, overall, making it work for you.   


Travelling at slower speeds will use less energy than driving at higher speeds due to reduced aerodynamic drag, allowing you to get more distance out of your charge.  

Driving in ‘Eco’ mode will also help with gentle acceleration and extend your car’s charge further.  


Avoid harsh braking – braking gradually will not only save your brakes but will help to conserve energy. Hybrid and electric vehicles use a second method of braking called ‘regenerative braking’ which converts the kinetic energy generated from braking and feeds it back into your battery, further boosting the charge.  

Regenerative braking can reclaim approximately 70% of the energy that would have otherwise been lost.  

Climate Control

Minimise the use of systems like air conditioning and heating if possible – these can reduce fuel efficiency in all vehicles (not just EVs).  

Some EVs have the option to pre-heat or air condition your car while charging – this can be a great way to ensure your car is comfortable to drive in without draining the battery significantly on your journey. Using additional features of your vehicle such as heated seating or steering wheel in the winter utilises less battery power than climate control.  

Battery Health & Charging

Having a healthy battery is an essential part of being an EV owner – the healthier the battery, the more energy it can hold. To avoid your battery deteriorating, avoid charging it to 100% each time – most drivers tend to top up their charge rather than run it until the battery is empty.  

There are three golden rules when it comes to charging an EV: 

  • Only rapid charge until your battery is 80% full – any more will take a lot longer 
  • Don’t let your battery fall below 20% 
  • Charging at home can be cheaper than long-term use of public chargers, and charging overnight can give you peace of mind before you begin your journey 

EasyGo’s team of experts supply only the best quality car chargers for home installation and will offer you advice on power management to optimise efficiency while also offering you guidance on best installation practices and what best suits your vehicle. 

Driving Modes

Many EVs offer different drive modes, usually along the lines of ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’, and ‘Eco’. The different drive modes and settings can significantly affect the handling of your car and its energy consumption. Some models of EV will also have a ‘Snow’ mode which optimises traction control as well as driving and braking parameters, ensuring drivers can handle snowy or icy conditions more confidently. 

Most EVs will also provide driving feedback on the dashboard. This feedback can be used when using different drive settings and modes to see which allows you to save money and increase your battery’s range. 

Tyres and Vehicle Maintenance

Even though EVs don’t have engines, it’s still vital to keep your EV properly maintained and serviced.  

Carry out regular checks on the tyres to guarantee that they are properly inflated and that the tyre pressure is in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will increase your safety while driving and help to extend your car’s range.  

Plan your route

Before setting off on your journey plan your route so that you can easily access chargers if necessary. With EasyGo’s expansive network, range anxiety will be a thing of the past. Our app’s real-time map will show you the location and availability of chargers and is free to download. The app allows users to access, use and pay for using EV Charging facilities across the island of Ireland.  

In addition to the EasyGo charging network, the interoperability of the EasyGo platform offers drivers convenient access to over 3,000 EV chargers on the EasyGo, ESB and IONITY Networks.  

The only app you need for journeys short or long across the Island of Ireland, is EasyGo 

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