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          Common Questions About Using the EasyGo Network

          With new technologies there’s always going to be a few head scratching moments. We’re here to help. Have a browse through some of the most common questions we get about charging on our network.

          What if there is a problem with the Charge Point?

          • You can contact us via the Help Desk on the Mobile/Web App after you sign into your account.

          • You can call us 24/7 on 012544456.

          • You can email us –

          Do I need to subscribe to the EasyGo Network and if so, how can I?

          Yes, you will need to subscribe to either a prepay or pay as you go subscription. You can begin your registration using either of the below links:


          How fast does my car charging at EasyGo Charge Points?

          EasyGo currently offers a wide range of AC and DC public chargers. At AC powered stations, a full charge can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on the car model and range. At DC powered stations, a charge of 80% can be achieved in as little as 25 minutes. You can expect to see a significant decrease in charging once your battery hits 80%. This is to prolong the life of a battery.
          The rate of charging also depends upon several factors outside the control of the charger. For example, some models of EVs are incapable of receiving the full kW output that is available from the charge point. Ambient temperatures may also affect the rate of charging. If the battery is too hot/cold, the EVs battery management system will adjust the rate of charging to protect the cells of the battery.

          Do the charges include parking?

          Typically, parking will be free for a certain length of time. You can view pricing information for individual charge points from within the mobile application. To view this, please select a charge point and then read the ‘Access Instructions’.
          Parking costs will vary and are set by the management of each car park. Some charge points may have completely free parking but based on user feedback, we will be implementing overstay penalties to ensure the charge point is made available for the next user.

          How much does it cost to charge?

          Most EasyGo Charge Points are Free to use. However, some Charge Point owners have a usage fee. This fee can be seen on the EasyGo map/app at the charger location.

          If a Charge Point is Pay to Use, the fee for AC Chargers is £0.20 connection and a rate between £0.8 and £0.35 per kWh of use.

          The fee for DC Chargers is £0.20 connection and a rate of £0.35 per kWh of energy delivered.

          On some chargers a £0.35/minute overstay parking fee applies when you have been charging for more than 1 hour. All prices are shown on the EasyGo app so you can check before you charge.


          What cables can be used on the EasyGo Network?

          All AC charge points have Type 2 sockets. This is the European standard. EV Drivers must have their own Type 2 male charging cable for the side connected to the charging station and depending on their car, the corresponding female plug.
          • Type 2 examples: BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, SMART, Renault ZOE etc
          • Type 1 examples: NISSAN, Peugeot, Citroen Mitsubishi, etc.

          Our DC charge points offer two connector types: DC CHAdeMO, or DC CCS.
          • DC CHAdeMO: This connector can be used to charge Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi vehicles.
          • DC CCS: This connector can be used to charge most other vehicles.
          Please check with your EV supplier before visiting a DC charging station. You can also call us on 012544456 if you need confirmation.

          Where are the EasyGo charging stations located?

          Our EV chargers are typically positioned at locations such as forecourts, retail businesses, shopping centres, hotels, motorway service areas, etc.
          We are constantly adding new charge points to the EasyGo Network. A map of all charging locations can be seen here

          How do I order a Key Fob for turning on and off a charge point?

          At registration, you will be asked whether you would like to receive an RFID card for €6. Please tick this box and ensure the address you enter is correct. Your request will then be processed, and the key fob will arrive within 10 working days. To request extra/replacement fobs, please email us at (

          How do I use the EasyGo 50kW Rapid Chargers?

          You can view video tutorials on how to use our DC chargers at the following link videos on YouTube.
          You can also read instructions and details on our DC chargers here.