La Rousse Foods, a division of the Musgrave Group, have selected EasyGo as their EV Charging Partner

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La Rousse Foods, a division of the Musgrave Group, have selected EasyGo as their EV Charging Partner

As part of their Sustainability Vision, La Rousse have begun the electrification of their fleet with the addition of 15 new Electric Vehicles (EVs). This is a significant move towards achieving their goal of having a fully electrified fleet by 2024 and brings their current fleet to 57% electrification.  

This new EV fleet is one of many initiatives delivered by La Rousse’s Sustainability Vision, which also includes the addition of solar panels to generate 40% of their energy needs, and investment in the Irish economy through their commitment to engage local suppliers. 

EasyGo are proud to support La Rousse’s Sustainable Vision, and help them achieve their goals by providing Workplace, Home, and Public charging to drivers. Three DC chargers have been installed onsite with more planned as the fleet grows. To support overnight charging for the drivers, EasyGo are providing chargers at employee’s homes. These home chargers will be added to the EasyGo network to enable reporting of charging use. 

To support EV drivers on the go, the EasyGo Fleet product will give La Rousse drivers access to a network of over 4,000 chargers on the EasyGo platform. The unrivalled interoperability of the EasyGo platform enables drivers to access charging infrastructure on EasyGo, ESB and IONITY networks across the island of Ireland, with just one tap of their EasyGo fob. 

The response by new drivers of the La Rousse EV fleet has been overwhelmingly positive. While moving from an ICE vehicle to EV can be a big change, La Rousse drivers have been pleasantly surprised by the smoothness and power of the Nissan Leaf.  

EasyGo Director Gerry Cash and Commercial Manager Victor Balfry attended the fleet launch to give drivers an introduction to driving with EasyGo as well as hosting a Q&A session for the drivers, including tips on how to use EasyGo chargers and reduce their range anxiety.  

We are delighted to partner with La Rouse Foods to support them and their drivers in keeping their fleet fully charged at Home, at Work and on the Go. 

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